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Eric O. Scott

Post-Time Spiral decks?

Red Deck Wins, post Time Spiral Standard edition

4x Jaya Ballard, Task Mage
4x Avalanche Riders
4x Magus of the Scroll
4x Rakdos Guildmage
4x Skred
4x Fiery Temper
4x Char
4x Stone Rain
4x Cryoclasm
20x Snow-Covered Mountain
4x Scrying Sheets

Burn, creatures, land destruction. And, well, a completely stable manabase with decent card drawing, thanks to the Sheets. It might not be entirely consistent, but you'll get a few extra lands. (And extra lands are good when playing with Jaya Ballard.)

Also, the Jaya Ballard/Fiery Temper synergy is simply stupid good. 1RR and a card for six damage, able to be split between two targets? Sign me up.

Rakdos Guildmage could concieveably be something else, especially since I cannot possibly play the Black ability. I also feel that Magus of the Scroll could instead be Martyr of Ashes (a card I want in the board anyway), since it doesn't play so nice with Scrying Sheets. (Sheets only draw lands, after all, which can't get immediately sent to the opponent's head.) I wonder if there's some decent Madness enabler. I know I only have one Madness card, but it's so good... *L*

The three slot is really heavy, though. That may need some work.

Edit: Maybe go down to two Rakdos Guildmages and add two Wheel of Fate? I can drop a bunch of burn at my opponents anyway, and then cock it and reload.

Also- I love, love, love how Time Spiral is giving 2/1 creatures for one mana to both red and blue. I even realize that the red one is terrible (though the blue one might be really good in the right deck.) And Black is getting Bad Moon, a better Crusade effect than, uh, Crusade. Good thing White's the best color for weenies, right?


Boros Deck Wins, post Time Spiral

4x Savannah Lions
3x Magus of the Scroll
4x Ronom Unicorn
4x White Shield Crusader
4x Paladin en-Vec
3x Jaya Ballard, Task Mage
4x Lightning Helix
4x Char
4x Seal of Fire
4x Volcanic Hammer
4x Sacred Foundry
4x Battlefield Forge
4x Boros Garrison
1x Flagstones of Trokair
4x Plains
4x Mountain
3x Ghost Quarter

The manabase there is pretty experimental, and I'm not sure if the Ghost Quarters are worth it or not. However, I kinda like its chances. And besides, I still really, really love the deck this is based on, so I'm willing to try and run with it. I sorely miss Isamaru already, though.

Last one for tonight:

Azorious Skies
4x Flying Men
4x Suntail Hawk
4x Pride of the Clouds
4x Leonin Skyhunter
4x Azorious First-Wing
4x Glorious Anthem (HAHAHAHAHAHA!)
3x Ancestral Vision
4x Remand
4x Mana Leak
3x Cancel
4x Hallowed Fountain
4x Azorious Chancery
4x Ardarkar Wastes
1x Flagstones of Trokair
4x Plains
5x Island

The bitter laughter was a reference, of course, to the reprinting of Bad Moon. God damn that pisses me off.

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