Eric O. Scott (lofro) wrote in nerdclub,
Eric O. Scott

U/B Mill deck for Standard (just thinking out loud)

4x Glimpse the Unthinkable - 10 cards
4x Traumatize - 1/2 library
3x Neverending Torment - cards in hand/turn
4x Distress - Pinpoint discard
2x Ghost-Lit Stalker - Discard, gets in under Neverending Torment
4x Consult the Necrosages - Discard or card drawing
4x Persecute - Mass Discard
4x Plague Boiler - Destroy everything!
4x Hideous Laughter - Some creature kill
4x Shadow of Doubt - I hate it, but it stops library centric decks and cycles

4x Watery Grave
4x U/B Painland
4x Tendo Ice Bridge
8 Swamp
7 Island
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