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selling five volumes of comics...

i recently got "let go" from a job i've had forthe past 3 years. probably the best thing that will happen to me, but until i know for sure i will be getting unemployment, i'm selling a couple things to ensure i will make rent next month. i'm one of those "plan for the worst and hope for the best" sort of girls..

so in short i am selling these five volumes:

-t.h.u.n.d.e.r. agents volume one

-challengers of the unknown volume one

-all star comics volume 6

-all star comics volume 7

-all star comics volume 10

if you don't want any of those, or maybe only feel like tossing out $5.00 and not $49.95, feel free to

after i make rent, for next month, i promise the rest will go towards eating good food and then maybe a little trip to the nickel arcade.
if none of the above, thanks for at least looking this over and feel free to friend me (one can never have to many geeky friends).

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